2017 information will be updated as soon as it is available!

Registration Procedure

Step 1: Fill out online registration form

Step 2: Register online or by email at budokanseattle@gmail.com

Once you complete and submit the online registration form, you will be officially registered for the 2016 Continental Crown Judo Tournament. Only online and email registrations will be accepted.  There will be NO late fee if you register online or via email by October 26, 2016.  You may bring the completed forms and payments with you to registration / weigh-in.  You DO NOT need to mail in your forms in advance. 

Competitor Entry Package Checklist

Use the following checklist to ensure you have everything required for check-in:

  1. Official Entry Form
  2. Entry Fee (competing in multiple divisions will require multiple entry fees.)
  3. Copy of current USA Judo (USJI), USJF, USJA or Judo Canada membership card.
  4. Proof of Age: Copy of birth certificate, passport, or USJI membership card having the verification symbol “(V)” printed following the birth date. A driver’s license is not proof of age!
  5. Warning, Waiver, Release of Liability and Agreement to Participate.
  6. Proof of Black Belt Rank: Copy of rank certificate. NOTE: A copy of your current USA Judo (USJI) membership card having the rank verification symbol “(V)” printed following the rank will serve as proof. Rank cards issued by USJA or USJF will also serve as proof.
  7. Waiver Regarding Non-Black Belt Competitors (Individual or Group)
  8. Power of Attorney Form (if applicable and not being accompanied by parent)

Email budokanseattle@gmail.com if you have additional questions.


Open to contestants who have current membership with any of the following organizations: USJA, USJI, USJF, or Judo Canada (foreign contestants must be members of a member federation of the International Judo Federation). Competitors must have their membership card at weigh-in.

Entry Fee

$40.00 for junior divisions and $50.00 for senior divisions (U.S. Currency).  Checks should be made payable to Continental Crown Judo.

Please submit money order or bank draft in U.S. funds. 

Entries must be submitted online or emailed no later than October 26, 2016 to avoid a late fee.Late fee will be applied for entries received after October 26, 2016.

Late fee $75.00 (US)
Walk-in fee $100.00 (US) 

For more information, contact budokanseattle@gmail.com

Budokan Dojo,
Sep 17, 2016, 1:20 PM